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How to save money on delivery ?

Date: 2023-01-18Author: Views: 255

How to save money on delivery ?

Are you looking to buy a bed from facebook marketplace, offerup or other markpalces and worry about how to get your purchase to home? There are many ways to do it. However, most of them are so expensive, and it's not worth it if you spend $100 on a bed and pay for $150 delivery fee right?

Buying large furniture takes a lot of work and logistics to ensure that it’s done safely and correctly. Let’s take a closer look at what is involved when you are looking to buy large furniture so you can determine your best course of action.

What's average price you are expected to pay?

When you are looking to buy queen size mattresses, couch, bed frame and etc, getting them delivered to your home can be tricky. So you may have wondered about your options for deliver options. There are several ways to go about it: 

    1. Pickup Yourself

    2. Welp

     3. Lugg

    4. Dolly

    5. Moving Company

Let's just say you bought a bed set and wanted it delivered to your house.

Large Item Delivery (2).png

Well, since delivery for the large item is so expensive, why can't I just pickup myself. However, pickup yourself is good way to save some money. It's not the best option you have. Let us break down things you need to pickup yourself.

Self Pickup vs. Welp Delivery

If you’re going to do it yourself you need a few things:

    1. Protection for your Item

    2. A pickup truck, cargo van or truck

    3. At least 2 person to move the large item

Mattress Protection: You need a mattress bag for your mattress for $10 or less. 

A Truck: If you don't have a truck and you’re trying to rent a truck from U-hual. You are expected to pay $ 60 on average for going 20 miles.  

Helpers: You will need friends or neighbors that could help you load and unload items. 

You will expect the cost to be around $70 to get all things settled.  

Welp Delievery

If you are going to use our delivery, let us see what you need:

Woohoo !! Mission accomplished. For around $20 you could get your bed set to your room2.png

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