Q:What is Welp?

A:Welp connects you to a truck and two movers, ready to move your stuff within the hour or up to 30 days from now. We’ll move anything for you as long as it fits in a truck.

Q:How much does a Welp cost?

A:The price depends on the vehicle you choose, the miles between pick-up and drop-off and the time spent loading and unloading. A quick example: You’re scheduling a Welp Pickup to pick up a sofa you bought off craigslist 5 miles away from your home, which will take 10 minutes to load up the sofa and 10 minutes to unload the sofa. Your price will be as followed:
Base: Truck: $20 . Van: $15
Mileage: $2.00 x 5 miles equals $10. This includes drive time.
Labor: $1.40 x 20 minutes (10 minutes at each location) equals $28. This is for the time it takes the crew to load and unload your stuff.
Your total in this example will be $68. Pricing varies per vehicle and crew size. There is no minimum labor time. If it takes 5 minutes to load, you only pay for 5 minutes.

Q:How many items are included in the price of the Welp?

A:A Welp is whatever can fit into a Truck and Van. If it can’t all fit in the truck you requested, you'll need to request another book to make sure all of your items get moved.

Q:What hours does we operate?

A:You can schedule a Welp Monday - Saturday 8 AM - 9 PM and Sunday 9 AM - 8 PM. You can schedule up to 30 days ahead of time.

Q:Will the Welper bring my items inside?

A:Yes of course! The Welper will pick-up and drop-off your items all the way into your room of choice. No matter what floor or how many stairs! Please ensure the dimensions of the product being moved will fit into your desired location. If the item does not end up fitting where you would like, simply let your Welpers know where you would like the item. If you would like the item(s) returned to the pickup location, you are responsible for the cost of the return.

Q:What will the we bring?

A:All of our welper have moving dollies, moving blankets, stretch wrap and other moving material to ensure the safety of your items.
We do not provide moving boxes or mattress covers. Please have your items boxed before our arrival and have a mattress cover ready for our welper.

Q:How do I pay for my move?

A:Paying for your move is simple and easy using your debit or credit card.

Q:When do I pay for my move?

A:After your move is complete, we will send you an invoice and you can pay us online.

Q:Can I tip my welper?

A:Tipping is entirely optional, but if you want to reward your movers for a job well done.

Q:Will we disassemble/assemble my items?

A:Our welpers will have the basic tools needed to do most assembly work. If your items need special tools please have them ready for your move.
Keep in mind that you pay per minute of labor, so assembling any items will affect your final price.

Q:Does Welp move refrigerators, washer & dryers, pianos, and other large items?

A:Yes, we do! However, in most cases, it requires two Welp crews to successfully move these items. Please schedule two separate crews during the same pickup window to ensure for a smooth move with these heavier items.

Q:My building requires moving companies to provide a Certificate of Insurance for a specified amount. Can Welp work with it?

A:Yes! Please send us an email at james01@gowelp.com for a copy of our insurance certificate that you can provide for your building.





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